About Us

The Company

Having started in 1997 with one care home we have now successfully expanded to operate a number of homes across the South of England. At the heart of this success has been the recruitment and development of similarly minded, hardworking staff who share our goals and aspirations. We aim to nurture an environment of mutual respect and cooperation amongst all our staff to provide the highest possible level of care to our residents. The group has further expanded recently through the co-operation with St Cloud Care www.stcloudcare.co.uk

Philosophy of Care

The Regulatory Authorities recognise LRH-Homes as one of the foremost providers of care across the South East and our glowing Inspection Reports reflect the high levels of quality we are attaining as a company, often not only meeting but exceeding Government set care standards. We achieve this by working in partnership with our stakeholders namely our residents, staff, suppliers and the authorities. We welcome and also actively seek feedback from all these stakeholders so we can continue to improve. Our Company is also fully committed to the implementation of quality systems.

We are committed to providing an environment that feels as close to home as possible. We encourage individual expression through social and recreational activities. Nursing and medical care is of the highest professional standard, to meet the resident's physical and psychological needs. We set realistic goals, based on an assessment of the resident's residential ability using individual care plans and nursing audits to produce the best quality of life possible. We endeavour to develop trusting relationships between residents, relatives and staff. We respect people's privacy and encourage independence. This enables us to accept responsibility for the resident's safety, dignity and well-being.

By introducing this Philosophy of Care we can offer the greatest support to our residents and be confident of the long-term success of our care homes.

Our Home Managers and their teams are waiting to show you around.

Our Staff

At LRH-Homes and St Cloud Care we value each and every member of our staff. Each person working here is integral to the successful running of the organisation. We have always emphasised the importance of training staff and we are proud this was officially recognised in 2004 with the receipt of the prestigious Investors in People award. We have a comprehensive training programme for all employees which covers statutory and mandatory training topics as well as personal development allowing staff to explore their own individual aims and objectives. We will continue to invest in our staff to ensure that everyone throughout the company is appropriately skilled and qualified to do their jobs and understands their value to the company. In addition we aim to provide a pleasant work environment where our staff feel supported and valued.

Our Finance

We recognise that the need for financial stability to allow us to continue to invest in the future. We remain committed to valuing our creditors through timely settlement of their accounts as well as ensuring their compliance to our quality systems.


Overall we believe that this strong sense of direction and philosophy enables us to provide an excellent and much needed service to our local community. Even then, each day we strive to do better than the last. As a dynamic and cohesive organisation with strong assets in terms of people and infrastructure we remain confident of the long term success of LRH-Homes.

Arnon Rubinstein

Managing Director