Paying for care is a complex subject, and everyone's situation is different. You should seek advice about your own case. Among the organisations offering specialist advice are:

  • Charities such as Age Concern (0808 808 6060), Help the Aged (0808 800 6565) and Counsel and Care (0845 300 7585)
  • Your Local Social Services Department
  • The Benefits Agency (0800 88 22 00)
  • Independent Financial Advisers (ring 0117 971 1177 for the names of local IFAs) Insurers who specialise in care fees planning
  • A useful website for advice is

The state provides a level of care for the least well off. But if the state thinks you can afford to pay, you will have to pay at least some of the costs of accommodation and personal costs in a residential home. Contact your local social services for information.

In England the NHS will pay a contribution towards the nursing part of your care that they determine needs to be provided by a registered nurse in a nursing home depending on whether your nursing needs are assessed as low, medium or high. This contribution applies whether your care is funded privately or by the local authority.

Immediate care insurance may be suitable if you currently considering moving into a care home. It involves paying a single large sum at the time you decide you need care. The cost is based on how long the insurer thinks you'll need care for, and the level of care you need. While the cost can seem a large amount, it should provide a fixed payment for as long as you need care, and can protect the rest of your assets.

The payments are tax-free if they are generally made directly to a care home and are portable if you decide to move to a different home.

All policies are slightly different. We suggest you speak to an independent financial adviser who specialises in care fees planning. Among the questions to ask are:

  • What are the benefits and for how long will I receive them?
  • What is the maximum amount the insurer will pay out per month?
  • Should I take out capital protection so that the balance of any lump sum is returned to my estate?
  • Are the benefits paid to me so that I can arrange my own care, or paid direct to the care home?
  • Are the benefits protected against inflation?

The LRH-Homes finance office can give some general advice and have information on annuity plans that help finance the care required, please contact them at head office.