Social Activities

We recognize the value of companionship and a need for a stimulating social programme. Residents are encouraged to pursue their interests with the support from our staff who arrange activities for each day.

Reading Toddler Tea Party

In the first set of pictures is one of our V.I.P’s who used to be a school teacher reading a Biff Chip and Kipper poor old rabbit at our Toddlers Tea Party. She loved doing this almost as much as we loved listening to her.



This photo story shows Connor, a pupil from Glenwood School with one of our V.I.P’s who he made a very special friendship with in such a short period of time. Our V.I.P enjoys colouring in the library for most of her day as she finds it therapeutic and having Connor visiting for the two weeks enabled our V.I.P to share her love of colouring with someone else who also enjoyed this.


Some summer pics




Care Home Idol

TWO disco-loving residents from a care home in Havant are vying for fame after entering an online talent contest. They have a combined age of 170, but Belmont Castle Care Home residents Dorothy Tucker, 84, and Betty Figgins, 86, prove to be young at heart in their energetic entry for Care Home Idol. Care Home Idol is an annual competition run by Care Home UK, which is designed to showcase the talent and vibrancy that exists in care homes and challenge people’s preconceptions of residential care.

We came 4th!!!
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Dorothy Tucker and Betty Figgins perform as Abba with care home workers Emily Rose and Karen Moore