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We recognize the value of companionship and a need for a stimulating social programme. Residents are encouraged to pursue their interests with the support from our Social Activities Organiser who arranges activities for each day.

 Valentines Article

A NURSING home near Dorchester had whole lot of love to give on Valentine's Day with residents celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary and a new engagement.
Katie and Alan Horrocks celebrated their pearl anniversary on Saturday amongst fellow residents at Chestnut House Nursing Home in Charlton Down.
The couple celebrated the occasion with a special lunch and cake.
Alan, 53, said the couple first met in 1982 through talking to one another on citizen band radio.
He said: “We lived together for two years in Bournemouth and then we got married in what was Bournemouth's registry office.”
“A couple of years after that we moved to Cornwall in 1989 and just came back home again a year ago
“We just fell for each other, got together and married. What else is there to say?
“That was it, and we got on with something called life.”
Discussing the anniversary, Katie, 64, said: “It's unusual these days and we still actually speak to one another, so that's got to be good.”
The Horrocks' achievement wasn't the only reason for fanfare on Saturday, however, with Alan Davies, 56, surprising resident Rachel Harrold by asking her to be his wife.
Amongst tears of happiness, Rachel accepted Alan's proposal.
The couple have been together for just over two years, having met in December 2012.
Discussing the proposal, Rachel said: “I was speechless. I knew he would but he did keep it a secret (as to when).”
Alan, 56, who lives in Dorchester, said: “We were both overwhelmed with happy tears.
“We were going to get engaged last year but Rachel has been extremely poorly.
Rachel, 46, has myotonic dystrophy, a neuromuscular disorder.
Alan said: “I thought it (the engagement) would be the final piece of encouragement in Rachel's recovery, the final piece in the jigsaw.”
Michele Ellis, manager of Chestnut House Nursing Home, said: “It's really important to us to involve the family in the care as much as we can in whatever we do.
We celebrate just about everything we can.
I think everyone made an extreme effort to make sure everything went perfectly and we think that it did.
The other couples that came down for the meal, they got caught up in the atmosphere as well.”