Social Activities

We recognize the value of companionship and a need for a stimulating social programme. Residents are encouraged to pursue their interests with the support from our Social Activities Organiser who arranges activities for each day.


Southborough Events Planner for May :

3th of May 2019, at 2pm- “Visit from Maggie.”

7th of May 2019, at 2pm- “Exotic Animal Therapy” -Zoolab.

10th of May 2019, at 2pm- “Journey for making blanked for Maggie continues.”

17th of May 2019, 2pm-“ Jazzy-Bluesy Local Rock Star Hedley Performance.” 

18th of May 2019, at 2pm- May Comfort’s 105th Birthday Celebration !

23th of May 2019 at 2.30pm- “Tea & Cake Party” for the Local Community.

24th of May 2019, 2pm- “Maggie visit”.

 Southborough Activities 1st-5th May

Southborough Activities 6th-12th May

Southborough Activities 13th-19th May

Southborough Activities 20th-26th May

Southborough Activities 27th May - 2nd June



 Some Social Activities pictures can be found here.