Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Admission

The acceptance of a person to stay at a LRH Home involves a special relationship being formed around the specialist care being provided by the home. As this is a service a fee must be charged, therefore we have to define the relationship in business terms.

1. ACCEPTANCE. Prior to acceptance for admission residents will have been introduced to Matron/Manager or Nurse-in-Charge and may have viewed their new residence. Initially admission will be on behalf of a 28 day assessment period.

2. MEDICATION. A letter will be needed from the GP or hospital consultant with details of recent medical developments and the current state of health. On admission, residents are requested to hand in all medications including at least 7 days supply of current medications. These will be held and administered by the Nurse-in-Charge, who will thereafter maintain suitable stocks. We cannot accept responsibility for the use of drugs held by any Resident. Residents retaining drugs to self medicate must ensure these are securely locked at all times. Please discuss with Matron/Manager any alcohol requirements.

3. CARE. An individual care plan will be developed for the resident during the first month of residency. This will involve discussion between the resident, close relatives or legal guardian, the doctor if appropriate and the Matron/Manager. If a hospital or another nursing home needed to impose restrictions on the mobility of the new resident, then the initial care plan referred to above would need to be discussed at the time of admission.

4. PROPERTY & INSURANCE. Residents are welcome to bring with them suitable items such as paintings and furniture for their rooms. The Home shall not be responsible in a any way for cash, credit cards, cheques, certificates, bonds, deeds, documents or personal effects of the resident unless the Home has been negligent or fraudulent or breached this agreement in respect of the resident’s belongings. The resident is responsible for insuring to full replacement value all personal furniture and belongings. Under the Home’s policy, each resident’s effects are insured up to the value of £500.00 with an excess of £250.00 except in the situation of fire, flood, lightening where no excess will apply. All clothing and personal effects must be clearly labelled (and identified to the Matron or Nurse-in-Charge) with the resident’s name prior to admission, even for a short stay.

5. PERSONAL CASH. Residents may wish to hold a small amount of cash for personal items, (about £10.00), but are advised against keeping large sums of money. All residents are provided with a small lockable cabinet, any additional items of value can be handed to the management for safe keeping.

6. RESPONSIBILITY. The Home shall not be responsible for the resident once they are outside the premises if the resident leaves the premises and is not accompanied by a member of staff of the Home, unless the Home has been negligent or has breached any duty it may owe to the resident. LRH-Homes reserves the right to charge for any damage caused by a resident.

7. FIRE PRECAUTIONS. Residents and their visitors are reminded that smoking is not permitted on the premises under any circumstances. There are no restrictions on visiting but in the event of a fire it is essential to know precisely who is on the premises. Therefore residents and their visitors are respectfully requested to inform the Nurse-in-Charge of all arrivals and departures and sign in and out of the visitor’s book.

8. DEPOSIT. Upon acceptance of a residency application, a deposit of 4 weeks fee is required. Upon the termination of residency the deposit will be refunded less any sums due to LRH-Homes for dilapidations, breakages, unpaid accounts and disbursements in arranging to remedy any want of repair decorations or otherwise for which the resident may be liable under the terms of this agreement.

9. FEES. Fees include accommodation, full board, personal laundry and nursing care. Additional services such as hairdressing, chiropody, escort, toiletries, dry cleaning, newspapers, magazines, clothing, confectionary, can all be arranged on request and are exclusive of the fees. The fees agreed shall be £xxper week (£xxxxper calendar month). Fees are payable one calendar month in advance and are payable on the 1st of each month by bankers Standing Order. Our bank details are as follows:

Bank Name: Barclays, Walton on Thames
Account Name: London Residential Healthcare Ltd
Account Number: 50463116
Sort Code: 20-90-56

Please note that cash payments cannot be accepted. Any balance of funds held by LRH-Homes on discharge or death will be refunded within 28 days. We reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 4% above the minimum lending rate of Barclays Bank Plc, on any sums outstanding 28 days after the date of invoicing.

10. REVIEW OF FEES. Fees are subject to review in April of each year in line with the Retail Price Index, increases in overheads and changing legislation which can have a considerable impact on costs that must invariably be reflected in fees. Should fees be increased, one month’s notice will be given. Fees may also be subject to periodic review due to deterioration in the physical or mental condition of a resident thus requiring additional care fees will be subject to immediate increase to cover extra costs. In circumstances where the funding of fees is transferred to Local Authority/Social Services which results in a reduction in fees, then a “top-up” fee will become payable.

11. TERMINATION OF RESIDENCY. Residency with LRH-Homes does not constitute a tenancy within the meaning of the Rents Act. Residency may be terminated on either side, by giving not less than 28 days notice in writing. However during the initial 28 days assessment period, termination can be given by one week’s notice for every completed week of residency. In the case of a temporary absence (i.e. hospitalisation, holiday) the fees will be payable in full for the retention of the room.

LRH-Homes may give four weeks notice in writing to ask the resident to leave the Home under the following circumstances (which is not intended to be an exhaustive list):

(a) damage to the property, fixtures or fittings,
(b) serious and persistent nuisance caused to other residents or neighbours,
(c) where the Home is unable to offer the support and care services which the resident needs.

LRH-Homes reserve the right to terminate the residency by giving Notice with immediate effect to the Resident if the Resident’s fees become five working days or more overdue.

12. DEATH. In the event of death of the resident, the relative or advisor are reminded that fees will be payable for a further 14 days during which time the room should be cleared.

13. STANDARDS. LRH undertakes to subscribe to the declaration of the rights of residents made in the Statement of Purpose. Our Home strives to deliver the highest quality of care and ensure the happiness and well being of everyone living in it. As well as the freedom to come and go as you choose and open door access to visitors at all times, there are many other important standards that we work to:

  • Residents Charter of Rights [please refer to the Statement of Purpose or ask for a Copy]
  • Regular Inspections by the Commision [Copy of Inspection Report in Reception and Lounges]
  • Well trained staff. Staff either have or are working towards NVQs
  • Appropriate staffing levels are maintained at all times
  • Investors In People and working towards ISO 9001 Standards.
  • Written Policies & Procedures for delivery of all services: Equal Opportunities, Complaints, Health and Safety

14. QUERIES. Any questions or queries should be addressed to the Matron/Manager at the earliest opportunity.

Acacia Lodge is conveniently situated for central Croydon, within it's own landscaped gardens. We provide the residents with specialist care to meet their individual needs. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible care in a friendly and homely atmosphere. Our Home has been carefully equipped throughout to meet the special needs of all residents and to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Our Home offers single rooms, some with en-suit facilities and one shared room depending on availability. We encourage our residents to bring their own possessions to personalise their room and make them feel more at home. Our Home has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with family visits welcomed at any time. Refreshments are available for visitors at all times and arrangements can be made for residents to eat their meals with their guests in private.